Features and integrations  

Calendar & events

The built-in calendar allows users to manage their schedules, add new events, and view future appointments. The calendar can be linked to third-party plugins and applications, enabling users to sync their calendars and set up email alerts. Additionally, the calendar has tools for organizing group events and training sessions.


Awards, badges, and leaderboards encourage member involvement. Awards acknowledge milestones and encourage participation. Badges indicate expertise and encourage active participation. Leaderboards compare users' performance and encourage competition towards short and long-term goals. Overall, they can encourage engagement, motivation, and success.

Community forums

Interactive message boards are online platforms for sparking conversations and encouraging collaboration. They allow users to post topics and participate in back-and-forth discussions. Email notifications and customizable settings can help users stay up-to-date on new messages. Tags and categories can also be used to organize conversations and help users find relevant discussions. Interactive message boards are a valuable tool for fostering communication and collaboration within a community or organization.


Allow members to post ideas. Let community members vote on these ideas and rank them by most popular. Categorize and tag these ideas. 

Wiki collaboration

Wiki pages are a key feature that allows for collaborative editing by employees and community members. Coredna provides a centralized platform for all Wiki pages, making it easy to find and access information. The Wiki pages can be customized to meet specific needs, and businesses can set different permissions for different users. In addition to Wiki pages, Coredna offers a range of collaboration tools to facilitate communication and build a sense of community within organizations.