Features and integrations  

Created and post dates

Pre-dated news is written and scheduled for future publication, allowing journalists to plan ahead. Post-dated news is written after an event and scheduled for later publication, but is considered dishonest. Using Coredna, news items can be scheduled to post and expire at specific times to regulate publication and schedule content in advance.


Use this application to change the prefix of different applications. For example, change the default www.testsite.com/blogs/ to www.testsite.com/resources/.

Site search

Use Core dna's robust global search capabilities to provide your users with an easy way to find and access the content they are looking for. Search across all Core dna application content, across all your web properties and utilize Core dna's smart predictive search. Admins can configure Site Search to include any content they would like to be searched including PDFs, documents, images, products and more.

URL redirections

The redirections application allows businesses to redirect web traffic from one URL to another, improving the user experience, updating web content, or managing changes to a website's structure or design. Businesses can create, edit, and delete redirections with ease and use the built-in URL Testing Tool to check issue links and correct link issues. Coredna's redirections application is a valuable tool for businesses looking to manage their web content and improve the user experience.

Streamed news

Automatically create news articles from other Core dna applications. eg: Add a new product, news will automatically create a new article that is ready to share. 

Image scaling

 Tools to manage and improve websites, including real-time shipping prices with FedEx and UPS. This can help e-commerce sites show accurate shipping options and costs to customers, improve user experience, and increase successful transactions.