Build for Speed, Scale and Total Control

SaaS - Software-as-a-Service Platform

Integrated applications, multi tenant architecture, enterprise security, and object-based content management — all from one login

Simplify and enhance the way that you build, deploy and manage your digital assets.

Core dna DXP applications simplify your digital world by dramatically improving your technical team’s productivity, with no security updates and no broken plugins — which lets you get on with business.

Multi-Tenant SaaS Architecture

Core dna DXP is built as a true multi tenant cloud architecture, allowing all of our client sites to run on the same version of the software using a single code base. This makes it simple for our research and development team to make substantial updates and efficient fixes.

Community Driven Innovation

When you join the Core dna community, you become a contributor to the future of the platform. Your ideas, insights and recommendations all help drive the roadmap of the product, and the updates benefit everyone

No Management

Core dna removes the need to upgrade software, install patches or plugins, or worry about scaling and securing the infrastructure. Our dedicated team handles all management of the back end technology.

The combination of applications and platform which make up our Digital Experience Platform (DXP) will help drive greater performance from your teams and improved customer satisfaction.

Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise level hosting and security with industry leading performance for the mid-market.


Security Team - Dedicated team of security professionals monitoring for attacks with an  intrusion protection system with penetration testing.

Dedicated Firewalls - securing inbound and outbound communication to Core dna’s secure network environment.

Web Application Firewall (WAF) - Filters and protects non-essential traffic to the application layer. Proactively blocks SQL attack attempts.

Load Balancers - Allowing for centralized certificate management and termination of SSL traffic.



The Core dna platform is infinitely scalable as your business grows in popularity. By automating scaling and taking out human interaction, you will never experience any downtime or slow performance. As you need more servers, Core dna will provision them for you seamlessly.


Offering the highest network performance, Core nda architecture features load balancing, high performing databases and advanced caching. Automatic weekly and monthly backups of your website secures your online presence. All websites utilize GIT for version control and have database referred staging sites which limit any code discrepancies.

Automated DevOps

Get away from worrying about system admin tasks. Core dna automates all development operations tasks such as server configuration, new environments, quality testing and maintenance releases. Core dna improves your developement frequency with lower failure rates and increased speed to market.

Uptime and Performance

Core dna’s readily available hosting architecture delivers 99.9% uptime with best in business speed and performance. See real time updates and monitoring in the Core dna admin. Stay up to date on platform events with Core dna status notifications.


Core dna is divided into four families that reflect the difference segments of business that you may require at different times.


Content contains your foundation applications from blogs, wiki, pages, image gallery, and more


Create and manage your customers using a CRM that is easy-to-use and scalable.


Connect, engage, and collaborate with your customers, colleagues and partners.


Everything you need to manage your eCommerce sites. Inventory management, personal and financial detail storage, and revenue recording.

Low Code

Stop building every website from scratch.

Rapidly develop and deploy sites without the need to touch the back end, and build custom applications. Core dna’s managed library of over 80 integrated applications and its object-based content functions make building templates an easy process with no need for low level coding.


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