Northeast Nursery

Northeast Nursery

For over 34 years Northeast Nursery has been supplying landscapers and homeowners with the finest bulk goods, plant materials, and gardening supplies that the industry has to offer. The team operates from Boston and has unparalleled product selection and industry-leading expertise. They offer solutions to both the homeowner and landscape contractors, so regularly straddle both sides of the B2C and B2B spectrum. Staffed by former professional growers, golf course superintendents, irrigation specialists, and certified arborists, their garden and contractor centers are prepared for the most complicated projects.


As a business with a rich history built on expert advice, their website was full of excellent thought leadership, but visually and technically conveyed anything but expertise and experience. They were not selling via the online channel and were missing out on a huge portion of the market that was researching via the web and then were looking to buy. They needed something mobile optimized given that their B2B audience, in particular, spend most of their days on the road and on their phones. Landscape gardeners don’t spend a lot of time in front of a desktop!

“We were looking for a solution that would allow us to bring our extensive product catalogue online to help our contractor customers find, purchase and pickup the products they need quickly and efficiently. We also wanted to offer our products to our retail customers and continue to provide thought leadership to them. We were looking for a complete solution to manage our eCommerce with tiered pricing and complex shipping, blogs, contractor registration and events.

– Jason Revilla, Director of eCommerce, Northeast Nursery

Their Journey

The team at Northeast Nursery are a group of highly skilled digital marketers, however they lack time and resources to be managing technology. They were looking for a digital partner who could provide expertise and get the job done, but also take care of the ongoing site management. Things like web hosting, ensuring that security was up to date and that their platform stayed on the right side of Google from an SEO perspective.

They spoke with a number of other web CMS providers and discovered that many promised to deliver a solid digital platform but that was where the relationship ended. No ongoing maintenance included. Hosting a separate conversation with a different provider. Security, a further conversation with a third provider and SEO not part of the conversation.


An agency partner to Coredna, Digital Bungalow was responsible for project implementation. The project took 12 weeks to implement from start to finish - an incredible speed to market in an era when many agencies will look at you with a straight face whilst offering a 6-month delivery.

This model of utilizing 3rd parties to develop on the Coredna platform can sometimes bring a few challenges and this model requires strong project coordination between the two teams. The benefits of keeping front-end and back-end development, however, offer the opportunity to utilize the best of breed in each field.

While the implementation was fast, Northeast Nursery experienced the same pain a lot of brick and mortar stores have when bringing a store online. Products from their internal Enterprise Resource System (ERP) were not formatted for online retail. eCommerce requires a lot of upfront work by project stakeholders to organize product imports, obtain product images, and countless hours of testing.

Northeast Nursery worked with the Coredna team to help develop a new Customizable product import for the product catalog, which allowed them to streamline their product import, and amend product and variant data easily. Now Northeast Nursery makes daily and weekly changes to their products with “easy to manage” bulk product imports.


Coredna was presented to the Northeast Nursery team by the agency Digital Bungalow in November 2014. They had a really strong understanding of the client’s needs and knew Coredna well. It was a strong fit and a good introduction by the guys at Digital Bungalow.

“The fact that Coredna had a great track record of building dynamic eCommerce websites that looked and felt like the one we were trying to create gave us a really strong indication that we had come to the right place. To then see that Coredna takes care of all aspects of the management and building of the website, the ongoing hosting and security updates and platform innovation to keep us on the cutting edge of trends in the market, had us feeling extremely confident in their abilities to get the job done for us.”

- Jason Revilla, Director of eCommerce, Northeast Nursery

The Results

It’s fair to say that the team at Northeast Nursery are extremely happy with the finished product, which went live in April 2015.

Coredna has enabled them to bring their whole product catalog online, allowing their B2B customers a new way to shop their inventory, and retail customers an outlet to buy their thousands of products. They have opened up a completely new, low cost channel for generating sales.

“Since re-launching our website on the Coredna platform, Northeast Nursery has been able to connect with prospects and customers like never before. With so many product offerings across so many niches, in both B2B and B2C environments, it’s imperative that we speak to each segment as though they are our one and only customer. This requires very specific and accurate technology. The agility of the Coredna platform, from custom integrations to their already robust out-of-the box offerings, has allowed us to do these things, and more

-Jason Revilla, Director of eCommerce, Northeast Nursery