What is JAMstack

How does it work? How does it stack to the current technology?

It hosts options utilising the concept of serverless architecture, ie running websites and applications without infrastructure management. JAMstack creates a static website, allowing the developer to construct the content and interfaces that users interact with.

What’s the pros and cons of JAMstack? 


  • It loads quickly as it caches all data as a CDN (Content Delivery Network).

  • It’s a secure website with less reliance on a database.

  • It works well with developers as it allows them to use their own tech stack.


  • Editors and marketers would need to be quite technical or trained to create and update the content with coding.

  • It’s time consuming and is a tedious process to customise templates and execute updates.

  • It’s not cohesive. It needs more resources if dynamic features are required for your website as business grows.

  • Heavily reliant on third-party systems and API’s. (If the third-party system goes down, your website will be affected as well).

Should you use JAMstack?

For organisations that don’t require much maintenance or content changes to its’ website, or if your in-house developers and editors are technically savvy, JAMstack could work.

However, responding to the constant market changes and development of new applications, a CMS (Content Management System) may be a better option. This would allow one to easily create, manage, modify and publish contents in a user-friendly interface as well as being able to create digital experiences at scale.

How can Core dna partner with your business?

Core dna offers a digital experience platform (DXP) that has been engineered from ground up. It provides mid-market to enterprise level organisations the ability to met their objectives for their corporate website, ecommerce, intranet, extranet, mobile, social and online marketing. It is a cloud hosted SaaS (software-as-a-service) with natively integrated applications that can be built into a single user interface. 

Core dna offers :

  • Great content management; makes creating and publishing content easy.

  • Delivers excellent speed and performance with its’ flexible front end or server side frameworks.

  • Provides extremely reliable security and application firewalls.

  • Unparalleled and reliable support in all services.

  • Delivers a complete product that is clean without any custom development.