Frontier Touring

Frontier Touring

The Frontier Touring Company is one of the most respected, long-standing and proactive concert promoters in Australasia. Since its formation in 1979, Frontier has continued to deliver memorable entertainment experiences, with tours from some of the world’s most established and up-and-coming artists.


As the Frontier Touring Company’s service offering is continuously changing based on current tours, their website content requires regular updates in order to stay up to date and relevant.

In meeting this objective, Frontier required a digital experience platform that provided them with control to proactively manage their content in real time – Coredna allows for this requirement to be met. Equally as pressing was Frontier’s need for security, scalability and flexibility.


The Frontier website experiences huge peaks of demands surrounding tour launches. Coredna is a solution for the cloud, providing Frontier Touring Company with the ability to scale for increased traffic at just a moment’s notice.

Frontier also makes use of Coredna’s ability to create a personalized experience for its users with the log-in application. Coredna has proven to be a cost-effective Digital Experience Platform solution when compared to other products on the market and Frontier appreciate that long-term benefits achieved far outweigh the initial investment