Features and integrations  

All-in-one system

Site-wide SSL

Site-wide SSL certificate. Users feel safe using your site with a security certificate. Apply SSLs to all pages, content, credit card, and transaction information is protected.

Single customer view

Have a single view of the customer across all your marketing activities. Manage profiles to deliver a 1-to-1 experience.

Single source content blocks

Create content once, store it in a single repository, and display that content anywhere across all of your web properties. Enables maximum content reuse and eliminates duplicate content.
Blogs and News

Site search

Use Core dna's robust global search capabilities to provide your users with an easy way to find and access the content they are looking for. Search across all Core dna application content, across all your web properties and utilize Core dna's smart predictive search. Admins can configure Site Search to include any content they would like to be searched including PDFs, documents, images, products and more.

Site segmentation

Segmentation by user or user group to grant permissions to specific applications, features and content.
Member auctions

Simple bidding

If a user bids 1 dollar, the current bid is one dollar. If you use minimum bid increment the bid placed will have to exceed the increment amount set.
Marketing and SEO

Sell on social media

Easy social sharing right from the admin. Promote and sell products with Google commerce, Pintrest and Facebook.


SharpSpring marketing automation helps marketers drive more leads, convert more leads to sales, and optimize marketing ROI.

Share information and news

Make reaching your stakeholders easy. Onboard customers and staff in a consistent way. Tools to engage users for feedback and ideas. 
Shipping / 3PL


ShipStation is a web-based shipping solution that streamlines the order fulfillment process for your online business.
Marketing and SEO

Search engine optimization

Canonical URLs, 301 redirects, custom file names, dynamic meta tags - everything you need to make your store search engine optimized.

SEO basics


Search & reporting

Find information quickly, manage staff productivity, project performance and identify issues before they become problems.

Security & control

Manage user roles to segment information and capabilities. Protect data from unauthorized access.
Community management

Global search

Powerful predictive search to find any content across all applications and features.

Search engine data feed

Take advantage of Google structured data to get more search traffic. You can send google a structured data feed of your products so they know that those products are available to buy at a physical location or online - they will display the "in-stock" tag next to your products in search results.