Features and integrations  

Shopping cart

SSL certificate

Site-wide SSL certificate. All pages, content, credit card, and transaction information is protected. 
Cloud hosting

SSD servers

High performance SSD storage linux servers for unparalleled speed.
Member auctions

Start date, end date

Specify future dates for both auction start and end dates. 
Community management

SSL certificate

Site-wide SSL certificate to protect all content and personal information. 
Shipping / 3PL

Star Track Express

Star Track Express is Australia's leading parcel, freight and logistics company.
Shopping cart

Split order

Split orders into separate child orders if certain product conditions are met. For example; A parent order with three products can be split into three separate orders, each with a single product based on their own availability date.


Sponsor & partner programs

Add significant value to being a partner or conference exhibitor by providing controlled access to your community.
Shopping cart

Split shipping

Split Shipping splits cart contents into multiple batches based on shipping class of the products in the cart. Each batch needs to have its own shipping method selected on the Shipping Details page. The same delivery and shipping address will be used for all batches, but each batch will show its own selection of shipping options. The total cost of shipping of the order will be the sum of all selected shipping options for all batches.

Blogs and News

Social sharing

Let your visitors share posts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, reddit, Pinterest, and Tumblr.
Social media integration

Social sharing and likes

Add like buttons to content to show popular content and products. Allow users to share content and products by placing social media share buttons on your site.
Marketing and SEO

Social media integration

Share your site and products. Social media integration such as Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.
Shipping / 3PL

Smart Send

Smart Send provides competitively priced courier/postage services Australia-wide for small/medium businesses and private individuals.
Social media integration

Social analytics

See where customers are engaging with your content and what social channels refer you the most traffic. Core dna presents this data on your login dashboard.
Social media integration

Social media login

Users can log into your website using their existing Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other account details. This also allows you to collect additional data from their social profiles for help in marketing automation or segmentation, such as name, email address, interests, hometown, etc.


A slot is a front-end application that pulls content dynamically based on its configuration. This application allows you to display content from a variety of modules in the specified area of the template. The content is pulled with slot components (e.g. Get Blog Posts) and each component is fully configured from the DXP.