Platform features
Platform Features

Grow your digital footprint with our extensive list of features.



All-in-one integrated applications
With over 80 integrated applications to choose from, use what you need when you need it. Approach website development as an ongoing evolution.
Create a personalized experience for every visitor. Manage content, processes, pricing and design.
Multi-tenant architecture
Manage all your digital assets from a single login. Benefit from the continous innovation and updates of the whole community.
Managed hosting
Cloud hosting built with redundancy, global performance, scale and 24/7 support.
Cyber security
World class hardware and continuous security testing to protect your applications and data from malicious attacks.
Mobile and multi-device support
Create experiences across multiple channels. Optimize your content and design for desktop, mobile and tablet.
Extensive integrations
Comprehensive list of integrations including, CRM, ERP, marketing, lead management, events, payments, tax, social and shipping.
Pre-configured industry solutions
With experience and thousands of deployments, we have developed a collection of pre configured vertical industry solutions that solve specific industry problems.



Single source content blocks
Create content once, store it in a single repository, and display that content anywhere. Enables maximum content reuse and eliminates duplicate content.
Advanced WYSIWYG editor
Advanced WYSIWYG editor provides formatting features including bullet points, tables, and pre-defined CSS styles. You can also insert images and videos, and create links to internal or external content.
Image editor
Resize, rotate, crop, convert and rasterize images. Add effects and text to your images.
Central location & management
Central location for all assets including images, videos, documents, pdfs and other extension types. Manage, edit, and update these files in one location.
Gated content
Secure content and assets behind a login and segments for different user groups.
Publishing control
Manage and control publishing of content and assets.
Social sharing
Let your visitors share posts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Pinterest, Tumblr and more.
Collaboration & versioning
Collaborate on content while maintaining version control.



Single customer view
Have a single view of the customer across all your marketing activities. Manage profiles to deliver a 1-to-1 experience.
Email marketing
Send personalized email campaigns to targeted customer segments. Notify customers or customer groups of upcoming sales, new products or promotions.
Design dynamic newsletters that can be sent to a targeted audience automatically on a reoccurring basis. Create custom templates that reflect your brand and voice.
Third party email integrations
Use your preferred email engine. Core dna integrates with mailchimp, mandrill, exact target, constant contact and more.
Segment your contact database into smaller groups or personas. Easily tailor content to be highly relevant to particular audiences– making for a great customer experience.
Custom events and reports
Set up custom events and reporting using google analytics or omniture. Reports can be exported for further analysis.
Complex campaigns
Create personalized campaigns where each step is dictated by previous customer interactions.
Tools to drive engagement
Access integrated tools like polls, opinions, events, surveys, ideas and many more.
3rd party CRM integration
Synchronize your customer records into 3rd party tools like Salesforce, Insightly, HubSpot and more.
Innovative tools
Conduct tailored competitions & promotions to grow your community.



Flexible catalog & cart
Full featured catalog, with the ability to sell anything. Display flexible information, clear image presentation and relationship management.
Powerful search options
Robust search options such as drop down predictive and faceted search, make it easy to find what you need fast.
Segment your customers using personalization that drives 1-to-1 experiences. Control products, pricing, discounts and more.
Multiple industry solutions
Out of the box solutions for a variety of industries such as business to business, non for profit, retail, franchise and more.
Integrated marketing tools
Complete eCommerce solution including outbound and inbound tools, campaign system and loyalty applications.
Integrated reporting using internal data and external systems such as Google analytics and other 3rd party products.
3rd party integrations
Integrated with real time shipping, tax calculators, payment gateways, POS and a host of ERP systems.
Product variants
Offer different variations of your products, such as multiple sizes, colors, materials, and more. Each variation can have its own price, SKU, weight, images and inventory.



Store company know-how
Manage your company's knowledge base, using blogs, news, wiki, document management and more.
Engage with key stakeholders
Enable teams to collaborate and work together to solve problems and keep track of projects.
Manage projects centrally
Create tasks, track time, seek feedback, manage project scope and resolve project issues transparently.
Manage issues and questions
Manage support requests and allocate to staff. Track SLA's, resolutions and manage response time.
Search & reporting
Find information quickly, manage staff productivity, project performance and identify issues before they become problems.
Share information and news
Make reaching your stakeholders easy. Onboard customers and staff in a consistent way. Tools to engage users for feedback and ideas.
Security & control
Manage user roles to segment information and capabilities. Protect data from unauthorized access.
Access anywhere
Simpler interface (material design) that's available across all devices, hosted in secure cloud infrastructure.



Membership management
Create membership packages and allow community members to buy memberships.
Customer or member directory
Create an index of users to allow members to search and find other members.
Sponsor & partner programs
Add significant value to being a partner or conference exhibitor by providing controlled access to your community.
Site segmentation
Segmentation by user or user group to grant permissions to specific applications, features and content.
Document management
Securely store and organize documents, share from anywhere to your organization and organize into hierarchical folders. Full version control and powerful localized search and tagging.
Payment processing
Process payments, donations and memberships using a flexible payment system that can be tailored to the individual.

SaaS Platform


Native SaaS platform
Built as a true multi tenant cloud architecture, allowing all of our client sites to run on the same version of the software using a single code base.
Production ready
Have a working site from day one of the project. Import content, create the architecture while design continues.
Design freedom
Create truly engaging and personal user experiences on any screen or device without back end development.
Continuous innovation
Never re-platform again, enjoy the seamless updates to functionality without any disruption. Contribute to new features and provide usability feedback.
Enterprise infrastructure
High availability, scalability & security with industry leading performance. Designed with multiple layers of redundancy to deliver 99.99% uptime.
World-leading security
Imperva web application firewalls are one of the many measures used protect apps and data from cyber attack.
Advanced site monitoring
Monitor site activity, performance, intrusion detection and site errors from a single dashboard.
Consumption based pricing
Pay a fixed monthly subscription for what you use not for idle infrastructure. Manage your technology costs as an operating expense rather than capital expense.
24/7 support
Technical support, application support and around the clock monitoring of servers, networks and security