June 2024 - Release 4: Deploy Content at Scale

Deploy Content at Scale

The fourth release of 2024 is reimagining the user experience for content creators and marketers using Core dna! We are focusing on improving one of the most essential elements of content modelling in Core dna: Components. The release contains multiple features, all aimed at make the platform more efficient, flexible and user-friendly.

Taking Content Replication to a New Level! 

Your components are now supercharged with extra features and endless-possibilities - allowing you to create content at scale. 

  • Duplicate local components - You can copy local components within one page with all the data and content. 
  • Global component transformationWhen duplication a global component, you get its “local“ copy and can make changes without affecting the original template. 
  • Copy component to clipboard - You can also copy any component with its data to your clipboard and paste it in anywhere on the platform where such component is supported. Furthermore, this even works across multiple browser tabs or windows!

Other Improvements and Bug Fixes:

  • Global component editing pages now correctly group input fields by layout area groups
  • Fixed an issue where tags and categories saved on local components were not shown correctly in the frontend
Dennis Westphal
Dennis Westphal

With more than 22 years experience in architecting and developing content management systems, Dennis drives our vision of a modern, hybrid digital experience platform. Having worked in both large companies and SMEs helps him understand and advocate for the needs of a variety of customers.

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