March 2024 - Release 2: Improvements and Bug Fixes

Improvements and bug fixes

Convenient Notifications for User-Initiated Tasks πŸ“£

We've made it easier for you to stay on top of important updates! Notifications for user-initiated background tasks, such as form submission data exports, now have a dedicated spot in the side menu. No more hunting around - all your key alerts are just a click away!

Supercharged Scheduler and Automations βš™οΈ

The Scheduler and Automations with scheduled invocation have leveled up with full support for crontab expressions. You can now use commas and hyphens to precisely schedule your automations. Want to run an automation every 20th and 55th minute of each hour between 9am and 6pm, Monday through Friday? No problem - just use 20,55 9-18 * * 1-5. It's automation made easy!

Dynamic Pagination and Simplified Record Access πŸ“‘

Retrieve Records action in Automations now lets you execute template code in the "limit" and "offset" fields. This means you can implement dynamic pagination with loops in your automations. Plus, accessing a single record returned by the Retrieve Records action is a breeze with the handy "record" property: $runData->get('fetch-user')->record.

Enhanced Search Precision πŸ”

The Search module now offers two matching types: match words (default) and match phrase. With the new "Match Phrase" option, you can perform more precise searches by ensuring terms are found only when they appear in sequence and the exact order specified in your query. Find exactly what you need, faster!

Strengthened Security and Validation πŸ”’

We've tightened up security by having the Core dna API return a 403 (forbidden) HTTP response code when invalid authorization is provided, regardless of the requested record's visibility. Previously, a 404 was returned in certain cases. Additionally, custom field values are now properly validated on the server side for added peace of mind.

Squashed Bugs and Improved Consistency 🐞

We've resolved various bugs to provide you with a smoother experience:

  • Default blog author now correctly pre-populated for new posts
  • Complex records like forms can be cloned without issues
  • Form submission data export entries correctly placed in CSV files
  • Response cache cleared only when necessary
  • Custom URLs for Products remain intact when assigned to a different site
  • Unpublished products displayed consistently in the frontend
  • Menu item URLs generated correctly on staging sites and dev environments
  • Layout areas no longer disappear when removed from a layout group
  • Images served reliably from the file system cache
Dmitry Kruglov
Dmitry Kruglov

Dmitry has over 19 years experience in developing complex web solutions. Before Core dna Dmitry was working in FinTech and Education industries.

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