Program Levels

All newly approved partners start as Gold Partners, having access to all the tools and material required to sell Core dna. 

Depending on the Partner type and achievements after the first 12 months on the program the partner will be assigned to one of the following levels:

  • Referral - Non-partner that does not want to get involved in the sales process, and interested in only in referral reward if their lead becomes a Core dna client.
  • Authorized - Partner that gets involved in the sales process and brings the client to the final stages of sign off, however does not want to get involved in the build or providing services to the client.
  • Gold - Partner that gets involved in the sales process, build and providing services to clients with Core dna assistance. 
  • Platinum - Partner that fully owns the sales process, build and providing services to clients without Core dna assistance.
Partner Program BenefitsReferralAuthorizedGoldPlatinum
Lead Generation & Sales Assistance
Pre-qualified leadsAccess to qualified leads prioritized by your region, program authorization and certification level. Typically, it is a 3 (to Platinum) to 1 (to Gold) ratio. Authorized on a very limited basis.NoNoMedHigh
Deal RegistrationRegister your major deals to obtain pre-sales volume discounts and special account exclusivity. Registered deals also have an increased margin.NoYes
Volume DiscountBack-end rebates available for achieving volume requirements. Higher authorization levels receive greater discounts.NoLow
Partner EcosystemPartner Listing, prioritized by region and certification level (higher qualified resellers listed first (along with their level of authorization) to reward commitment).NoLowMedHigh
Not For Resale Access (NFR)Access to NFR product is available at a significant discount to Partners and employees, allowing you to benefit from the products at work and home.DiscountedYesYesYes
Joint PromotionsParticipate in joint regional promotions including promotional e-mails, ads, events, etc. Easy-to-use portal allow you to view any accrued Co-op (with ticklers to ensure you don’t allow it to go unused). Also includes direct phone line access and easy-to-use form to requested MDF participation for proposed joint activities.NoLimitedYesYes
Effective Communications
Monthly newsletter and e-mailsThis is not spam, but valuable information requested by our partners. Includes special announcements, applicable alliance deals, updated Q&A and new sales tools.YesYesYesYes
Partner program phone numbersYou can talk to the Partner Program Manager if you need to know anything about the Partner Program, have any problems or suggestions.YesYesYesYes
Slack ChannelHave a question about configuration, sales strategies, or overcoming objections? Visit the Slack Channel to post your questions and get responses from actual Core dna experts. NoYesYesYes
On-line Portal Resource
Market informationLearn market trends to determine which verticals to target, what they prefer and more.YesYesYesYes
Competitive AnalysisReview the latest matrix that shows how our products compare to the competition. Great resource if you’re in a competitive bid and need to de-position the competition.YesYesYesYes
Sales ToolsAs available, you can access PDF product slicks, sample ad and e-mail templates, white papers, PowerPoint presentations, configuration guides, and case studies.YesYesYesYes
Brand UsageReview branding guidelines, logo usage and leverage the brand to enhance your image.YesYesYesYes
Personalized portalView all your leads. Later, you will be able to view rebates, leads, registered accounts and personal information within your own personalized portal.LimitedYesYesYes
Tech & Sales Support & Training
FREE TrainingGet up to speed on the product, sales approach and installation within the self-paced FREE training. Many of these feature streaming video. As close as possible to on-site training.YesYesYesYes
Pre-release AccessDon’t be the last one to try out the new products. Order an eval to test and get up to speed with new products “before” they hit the street. Notification of availability and a request form is available within the on-line Partner portal.NoNoYesYes
CertificationRegister for certification program to become expert at all aspects of the product. This additional qualification allows you to achieve a higher authorization level which provides additional margins to reward you for your expertise and commitment.NoNoMedHigh
Priority Reseller Tech SupportGo straight to the top of the queue for quick tech support. Either a special number or direct contact through the program manager.NoYesYesYes
Annual Partner ConferenceAttend the live event, or view the presentations online with recorded video feeds and downloadable presentations.NoYesYesYes
Partner Program RequirementsReferralAuthorizedGoldPlatinum
Register at portal siteMust register on the Partner website and complete the application.YesYesYesYes
Qualify as a PartnerMust engage in a) face-to-face selling, b) provide 1st line post-sale support, c) have outbound sales reps, d) sell complimentary products and install/integration capabilities.NoYesYesYes
Develop Business Plan of ActionSubmit a quarterly business "plan of action" (1 promotion per month) with assistance from the Partner Manager to allocate MDF and orchestrate joint promotions. Templates available.NoNoYesYes
Quarterly Sales TargetsHighest level Partners are required to reach predetermined sales targets to obtain higher margins and additional benefits. Check with the Channel Manager for details.NoNoYesYes
Credit ApplicationMay be required if you request a direct purchase relationship.NoYesYesYes