eCommerce CMS checklist

100+ questions to ask your vendor

What you'll learn from our eCommerce Checklist

From pricing to site management, this list has every question and more you should be asking yourself and the eCommerce CMS vendor.

The sections are divided into the following areas:-

  • Pre-planning - prior to starting your project
  • Vendor management - vendor qualification questions
  • Platform - understand the platform and its capabilities
  • Roadmap - How is the platform innovated
  • Pricing - How much does the platform cost upfront and ongoing
  • Integration - How does the platform connect to other systems
  • Content - What are the content features you need
  • SEO - What is needed for well performing SEO
  • Support - How is the platform supported
  • Security - What technologies and processes are used to protect your data
  • Scalability - How does your business grow on the platform
  • And much more
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