Features and integrations  

24/7 support

We offer technical help, application support, and round-the-clock server, network, and security monitoring to businesses and organizations. Their dedicated support staff is available 24/7 to help with any technology-related concerns. Additionally, they provide regular updates and fixes to maintain application functionality and security, and continuously monitor servers, networks, and security systems to prevent disruptions or harm to IT infrastructure. Contact Core DNA to learn more about how they can help with your technological needs.

Advanced site monitoring

Single dashboard is for tracking site activity, performance, intrusion detection, and site problems, making it easy for website administrators to detect and fix issues. It provides real-time error detection and reporting, and security threat detection and prevention features.

Continuous innovation

"Never re-platform again" refers to upgrading a platform without replacement. Coredna's modular, adaptable technology enables seamless integration of new features and functionalities. Businesses can expand offerings without high costs and delays. Coredna's ability to adapt over time allows for continuous development with improved user experience and engagement. User input informs the platform's customisation to unique needs and requirements.

Design freedom

The user-friendly drag-and-drop interface and pre-made templates make it easy to create web and mobile apps, including e-commerce and content management. The platform is adaptable and scalable with real-time data synchronisation and analytics support. Users can design unique experiences with flexible design and powerful features.

Enterprise infrastructure

High availability means a system is operational and accessible most of the time, important for critical systems like financial transactions or emergency response. Scalability means a system can handle an increasing workload without a decrease in performance, important for growing systems like e-commerce or social media. Security involves protecting against threats like unauthorised access and data breaches.

Native SaaS platform

Built as a true multi-tenant cloud architecture, allowing all of our client sites to run on the same version of the software using a single code base.

Production ready

Have a working site from day one of the project. Import content, create the architecture while design continues.

World-leading security

The platform uses web application firewalls (WAFs) provided by Imperva to protect its customers' data and applications from cyber attacks. WAFs are designed to identify and block malicious traffic to web applications, protecting them from a wide range of threats. Imperva is a leading provider of WAFs and other cybersecurity solutions. In addition to WAFs, Coredna uses other security measures such as secure servers, encryption technologies, and regular security updates to ensure the security and integrity of its platform.

Continuous intergration

The workflow management capabilities allow businesses to create and automate processes triggered by specific events or actions. Coredna's workflow management allows organisations to categorise post entries and have control over content publication, ensuring accuracy and timely release. Coredna also offers project management, document management tools and integration with other business applications to help optimise operations. Coredna's workflow management is an ideal tool for businesses seeking to automate processes, improve collaboration and streamline content management.

All-in-one integrated applications

The extensive library of integrated applications has over 80 options to select from, enabling users to add new features and functionality easily. It helps businesses view website development as a continuous process, improving the user experience and ensuring the website remains up-to-date. Overall, CoreDNA's vast collection of integrated applications is valuable for website managers and administrators, providing a variety of options for improving site speed, adding new features, and managing content.


Manage all of your web properties from a single login and navigate between then from a drop-down menu. Share content, blogs, product catalogs, news, positions and more across all your web properties. Control admin user and content editing permissions on a per-site basis

Extensive integrations

CRM, ERP, marketing, lead management, events, payments, tax, social, and shipping systems integrations help businesses manage and grow their operations more effectively by providing tools to manage customer relationships, core business processes, marketing campaigns, lead management, events, payments, tax obligations, social media, and shipping logistics.

Cyber security

World-class hardware and continuous security testing provide strong protection against cyberattacks. Top-notch hardware, such as advanced CPUs and security equipment, combined with security testing, including automated scanning and penetration testing, can deter hackers and detect vulnerabilities. This ensures the safety and security of a company's applications and data.

Automatic upgrades

Automatic upgrade feature keeps websites up-to-date without manual intervention, providing the latest platform version, extensions, and plugins. This saves time and assures peak performance. Users can install updates and extensions without affecting the website, enhancing the user experience and boosting revenue. The automatic upgrade feature is a useful tool for website administrators.

Auto scaling

The ability to scale and distribute assets ensures responsiveness and availability, with built-in security safeguards protecting against threats.

Content delivery network

A global delivery network (GDN) enhances digital assets' performance and accessibility. GDN reduces latency and ensures redundancy to prevent downtime, making digital assets always available. GDN provides secure data transportation to protect against illegal access, maintaining privacy.