Features and integrations  

Catalogue browsing

E-commerce sites offer filters, search, and faceted search to help users find products. Faceted search narrows down results by parameters such as brand or colour. Related and hot products, plus predictive search, suggest similar items. Algorithms and machine learning enhance the experience.

Channel Advisor

Import products from other systems like Channel Advisor, with the ability to schedule nightly imports and manage imported items. Also manage product catalogue, fulfilment, inventories, and customer enquiries. It integrates with other services like social media and email marketing to enhance digital presence and engagement.

Custom import/export

Create a custom template for product import/export using the CSV or FTP feature. Specify the file format and data fields, then upload or download the data. Map the fields as needed to properly organise data and easily manage product inventory and sales

Digital products

Customers can browse and purchase digital products and immediately download them from the website. The platform also provides tools for businesses to track sales, manage inventory, and view customer data.

Faceted search

Faceted search organizes data with multiple categories, allowing users to refine searches. Elasticsearch is a real-time search engine for indexing large amounts of data. Elasticsearch is integrated into the Core DNA platform's Faceted Search v.3 for fast, accurate searches with real-time updates.

Up-sell and cross-sell

The related products feature of Coredna is useful for businesses that want to increase average order value. The feature allows businesses to set related products, up-sell, and cross-sell to encourage customers to purchase additional products. With this feature, businesses can create personalized product recommendations that are tailored to the needs and preferences of their customers.

Unlimited products

Online store functionality allows businesses to sell unlimited products and customize the shopping experience. With Coredna, businesses can easily create product pages, set prices, and manage inventory levels, and customize their online store to match their brand. Coredna also offers customizable templates, content management tools, and integration with other business applications.