Features and integrations  

Discount codes and coupons

A flexible engine calculates promotional discounts, offering various capabilities, like codes and free products, for businesses to provide versatile promotions. It helps create innovative and adaptable marketing strategies and boost sales by catering to customer needs, generating customer loyalty. Firms can customise the engine and easily make changes, testing multiple promotions to improve sales and satisfaction. Employing a reliable and flexible engine benefits businesses that want to provide promotions to clients, generating income and profitability.

Drip campaigns

A timed email drip campaign sends automated emails at set intervals triggered by specific actions, like a purchase or an abandoned cart.

Generated sitemap.xml

A sitemap.xml file is written in XML format and lists the pages on a website to provide information to search engines. It includes URLs, update frequency, and page importance. The file is generated automatically by the CMS or website platform, and intervals can be set for updating it in the Core DNA platform. Regularly updating the sitemap.xml file helps search engines discover and crawl new pages, improving website visibility in search results.