Features and integrations  

Access anywhere

The user-friendly interface with material design is hosted in a secure cloud architecture, which offers a variety of benefits for businesses and organisations. The interface is simple to use and accessible on all devices, reducing the need for staff training and increasing user engagement. Customers can access the software from anywhere, and businesses can save time and money while improving reliability and security. Contact Core DNA to learn more about their software and services.

Engage with key stakeholders

Coredna offers tools for project management, task assignment, progress tracking, file sharing, and communication. With features for project planning, scheduling, time and budget tracking, Coredna helps teams stay on track and deliver high-quality work on time. Overall, it is a valuable platform for effective team collaboration and project management.

Search & reporting

Find information quickly, manage staff productivity, project performance and identify issues before they become problems.

Document management

Users can upload files of various types, organize them into folders, and use version control. Additionally, users can share files with others by sending a link or granting access to the project repository. This platform helps teams collaborate efficiently and manage project files effectively.


The platform provides a centralised location for teams to collaborate, communicate, and organise their work. One of its key features is its time tracking functionality, which allows team members to easily log their hours worked on specific tasks or projects, as well as track their time off. Overall, CoreDNAs is a comprehensive and customisable tool that can help teams increase efficiency and productivity.

Bug tracking

A bug is an error or failure in a computer system. It is fixed by developers who write and test code. Customized workflows and business rules can be created to handle bugs. Stakeholders are updated through notifications and updates to ensure everyone is informed of the bug's status.

Dashboards & Feeds

Project management software with content blocks feature enables users to create custom feeds of various project materials, such as updates, tasks, news, and bugs, which can be shared with the entire team. Filters and criteria can be set to include specific types of content. Content blocks help teams coordinate efforts and avoid duplication, ensuring everyone works towards the same objectives.