Features and integrations  

A/B testing

Email marketing software allows companies to send personalised email messages to specific target groups while monitoring their effectiveness. This software enables businesses to create multiple versions of an email, tailored to the unique interests and preferences of the target group. By monitoring metrics such as open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates, companies can identify the most effective messages and improve their email marketing campaigns. Overall, Core DNA's email marketing software can help companies maximise their email marketing efforts and increase the potency of their campaigns.

Advanced options

Users can import and export their email subscriber lists using the subscriber import/export tool, which can be useful for transferring lists to other email marketing platforms or for creating backups. The import process involves creating a CSV file with one email address per line, which can be edited in a spreadsheet software. Email marketing solutions also offer the ability to schedule newsletters for later sending, and using multiple SMTP servers can improve email delivery speed. Subscriber opt-in is also important for legal and industry compliance, and can be achieved through sign-up checkboxes or website forms. These features can help with successful subscriber list management and compliance.

Email engine

The built-in email engine sends group-driven content alerts to notify employees about important updates and changes within the platform. This customisable feature keeps employees informed without having to constantly check the platform, improving communication and collaboration within the organisation.