Features and integrations  

Auto scaling

The ability to scale and distribute assets ensures responsiveness and availability, with built-in security safeguards protecting against threats.

Content delivery network

A global delivery network (GDN) enhances digital assets' performance and accessibility. GDN reduces latency and ensures redundancy to prevent downtime, making digital assets always available. GDN provides secure data transportation to protect against illegal access, maintaining privacy.

LAMP stack

Our foundation is the LAMP stack to develop and deploy high performance applications on a solid and reliable foundation.

World-leading security

The platform uses web application firewalls (WAFs) provided by Imperva to protect its customers' data and applications from cyber attacks. WAFs are designed to identify and block malicious traffic to web applications, protecting them from a wide range of threats. Imperva is a leading provider of WAFs and other cybersecurity solutions. In addition to WAFs, Coredna uses other security measures such as secure servers, encryption technologies, and regular security updates to ensure the security and integrity of its platform.