Unleash the power of the digital world!

Say hello to Core dna! 

A modern platform designed to make your digital business simpler. Core dna combines content management, eCommerce and workflow automation into one seamless solution.

Core CMS

The content powerhouse

Own your growth with a powerful content management platform. Our API-driven design and omni-channel approach gives content creators the freedom to execute and scale their strategies without technical roadblocks.                                    

Core Commerce

Optimized sales machine 

Elevate your sales game with our integrative commerce approach and create high-performing sales funnels. With our API-first strategy, Core Commerce adapts to your needs and existing tech stack, ensuring a secure, unified, and successful business.

Core Automations

Effortless automation for a connected world 

Make it simple for your business to connect and automate tasks between and within web applications. A library of custom automation and workflows to save you time and boost efficiency without any technical know-how.