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An enterprise digital experience platform trusted by global brands
to build and scale content, online stores and digital workplaces.

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Why Coredna?

Built for speed

Built for speed and performance. Quick to launch and easy to refine.

Flexible and multi-purpose

An all-in-one DXP that builds websites, eCommerce sites, intranets and online communities. 

Fixed monthly fee

A complete ecosystem for all your digital tools, all for a predictable monthly fee. 

“Coredna has empowered our team to quickly launch eCommerce sites and implement digital marketing strategies in different regions of the world. We have reduced the time it takes to launch a campaign from a few weeks to a few days.”

Paul DePasquale – Tivoli Audio Chief of Product Design & Brand Development 

For marketers


Launch faster

Build complex, dynamic, and personalized websites rapidly and with less code than ever before. Build in parallel and launch with the press of a button.

Personalize digital experiences

Coredna enables brands to personalize every customer experience, so you can deliver content that converts.

Marketer friendly

With our advanced WYSIWYG editor, powerful analytics dashboard and built-in email marketing platform, marketers have everything they need to thrive. 

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For agencies & digital teams


Less stack

Coredna is a SaaS product, meaning you’ll have no capital expenditure or fixed term contracts, no infrastructure to manage, and no upgrades to worry about.

Greater flexibility

Coredna has headless content management capabilities, so you can publish your content on any device.

Work from one dashboard

Login from your web browser and manage multiple sites from just one Coredna dashboard, allowing you to share data between applications in one secure database.

For developers


Work with any framework

Create any design using the front-end technology and frameworks that you know and love – Coredna doesn’t require you to use specific templates or libraries.

Use object-based builds

Display any content with a modular approach via block functions, installed in templates at the HTML layer.

Zero downtime

Use Git repositories and branches to manage code deployments to staging or production sites without missing a single visitor. 

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Nintendo has trusted the Coredna platform for over 12 years

The Coredna platform, along with the support provided by the Coredna team, has enabled Nintendo Australia to rapidly launch and re-launch multiple major websites to coincide with key product releases. Nintendo completes each project at much lower costs compared to the costs of using other platforms.

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A future-proof DXP for digital teams


Coredna boasts a decoupled architecture, so you can deliver content anywhere and craft an epic omnichannel customer experience.


As a SaaS product, we handle the infrastructure while you scale your digital presence, organize your content and collaborate with your team in the cloud. 

Agile marketing

Leverage our microservices architecture to quickly deploy, modify and scale applications without breaking the whole system.

A digital experience platform for content and commerce


Pre-built applications
that are ready to use


Updates and new
features per year


Threats averted
every month


Active websites 
using Coredna

More than a digital experience platform

We make the software, our clients make the experiences.
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