True Multi-Tenant SaaS Platform

True Multi-Tenant SaaS Platform

Coredna is built as a true SaaS platform. So what does that mean? For the customer, it means that Coredna can be accessed from any computer or device, anytime, anywhere. Coredna is subscription-based, which means no upfront hardware or software costs. Coredna applications are constantly updated and maintained with no cost to the customer. And Coredna’s multi-tenant architecture makes scaling to meet user demands seamless and infinite.


Benefits of SaaS

Financial benefits

Software as a Service (SaaS) offers a couple of major benefits over on-site or perpetual licensing software. The first and most important benefit is that SaaS products, including Coredna, are a subscription-based service model. What does that mean to the customer? It means no upfront costly software, hardware or installation costs. It also means no long-term contract commitments, so if you are unhappy with the product at any time, you can take your business elsewhere. The second benefit is that because SaaS products are constantly updated and maintained as part of your subscription agreement, it means no financial surprises with costly one-time upgrades, module updates or issues.

Operational benefits

With a SaaS-based product like Coredna, the complexity of managing and investing in your infrastructure is simplified. With SaaS products, you are taking the management of hardware, software, networking, security, hosting, and backup technology out of your organization, leaving you to focus on your core business. The operational benefits mean less burden on existing resources and no need to hire expensive network and back-end developers to build and maintain your website.

Client benefits

Financially and operationally, SaaS products sound great, but what really matters are the benefits the everyday users, like the CMOs of the world, will receive.

Clients receive upgrades, enhancements, and new features on an ongoing basis which means the product, and ultimately your website, are always getting better. In the case of Coredna, these enhancements and new features are community-driven, so we take requests and ideas directly from the users.

Hosting, security and performance upgrades are also done on an ongoing basis, so your customers’ experience will never be “so 2015”. This also means that infrastructure and applications will never be out of date.

Being a true multi-tenant SaaS platform, hosting and infrastructure can scale to meet your needs. Why is this important? There is nothing more frustrating than a ten-second page load when you’re trying to check your movie times. Having a true multi-tenant SaaS platform like Coredna means that your customers will always receive the best experience with Coredna’s load balancing and scalability.