Positions allows you to advertise available positions within your organization. Your staff, site administrator can enter job vacancies and positions available onto the intranet system. This allows for authorization of submitted jobs by management prior to display and the capacity to display the intranet ads on the website.


  • Enables categories for each of the job types.
  • Permits authorization of submitted jobs by management prior to display.
  • Provides an import / export facility.
  • The ability to advertise positions on the website.
  • Show jobs sorted by category.
  • Create efficiency through improved information management.


Workflows (Request)

The Workflows (Request) Manager module allows online visitors to complete a request form that is automatically emailed to your staff for action and reply. It stores all requests from clients within an internal online database and combines the Custom Forms module with database storage and processing functionality. It can be used for critical business processes such as product ordering, service bookings and quote requests.


  • Generate sales leads via online quotes.
  • Streamline the process efficiency of managing online enquiries.
  • Supplies conversation tracking.
  • Security based
  • Improve customer relationship management.
  • Increase operational efficiency.
  • Engage site visitors.



With the  Commerce module, you can sell your products online in a secure environment. Integrated with the Core dna Product Catalogue module, Commerce allows transactions to be placed and executed with speed and efficiency.


  • Drives your online sales process.
  • Conversation tracking.
  • Basic order forms (filled via email prompt) with a shopping cart.
  • Invoices generated for the customer upon completion processing (in PDF format).
  • A basic stock-control system via email trigger.
  • Access control for managing changes to the catalogue.



Catalogues is a structured product description page, with one global product list accessible to all site visitors. It incorporates pre-defined page sections for the placement of images, titles, codes, extended descriptions and other annotations. This module allows structured product description pages linked from a global product list.


  • Clearly structured product information.
  • Reinforces the brand positioning of your product set.
  • Increased operational efficiency.
  • Pre-defined page sections.
  • Easy uploads of images, titles & codes.
  • Detailed product descriptions.
  • Search engine-friendly web architecture.
  • Defined relationships between products.
  • Up-to-date stock information.



The Vouchers module allows visitors to your website to download special offer vouchers redeemable both in-store and through the Commerce module. Vouchers can be sent to segmented database groups among your site visitors.


  • Target vouchers to segmented database groups.
  • Incorporate into your promotional strategies.
  • Inspires and maintains customer loyalty.
  • Allows a tracking ID number so vouchers can’t be used twice.


Fundraising (iVote)

Fundraising (iVote) allows you to run interactive competitions on your site and segment the participation between entrants and voters. Site visitors can make nominations and/or cast votes in the competitions and custom fields are used to gather segmented data profiles on users to create a database of entrants and voters. Administering updates is easy to manage and Fundraising (iVote) integrates with Commerce systems.


  • It encourages return visits to your site.
  • Builds a segmented database of entrants and users
  • Has a gallery for profiles of participants.
  • There is a search function for profiles.
  • Has the ability to integrate eCommerce systems.
  • Encourages interactivity with your site
  • Can be fully customized to your needs.