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Coredna Families



Create an engaging online experience with the Content family. Boasting a clean user interface, reliable asset management, and complete digital integration, Core dna delivers a content management system that can meet your business demands.



The Connections family is designed to make creating and using a customer relationship management system straightforward and scalable. Within the applications, you can assign levels of membership for personalisation and collaboration.



Do you need to connect with your customers, colleagues, or partners? The Interactions family consists of applications that promote collaboration and engagement.



The Transactions family is made up applications that support eCommerce requirements. Transactions allows for inventory management, personal and financial detail storage, and revenue recording.

Coredna Solutions

With over 15 years of experience, we have developed a collection of industry solutions. We tailor our digital solutions to cater to business-specific needs in verticals such as eCommerce, Business to Business, Business to Consumer, Education, Intranets, and Communities.

Whether your business is focused on marketing a product or service, generating leads, selling online or increasing sales, Coredna gives you the functionality to meet all of your digital needs and much, more.



The Coredna eCommerce solution provides an integrated Sales platform that scales with your business growth. Extensive product management, advanced interfaces, with detailed inventory management. All this combined with a delivery and communications structure that is completely integrated with your digital ecosystem.

Business to Business

The Coredna DXP makes it painless for our partners to implement a digital ecosystem centered around selling and marketing to businesses. Our solutions let you segment your client base and manage multiple relationships at different levels.

Business to Consumer

Our B2C partners need to be easy to find online, able to quickly and efficiently update their content and connect directly with their customers. Coredna supplies a smart user interface that allows for effortless website updating, creation of landing pages and microsites for marketing activations. The integrated customer database manages your visitor segments and makes promotions simple to execute


Universities and schools need to interact quickly and efficiently, allowing for different users with different skill sets to manage communications, student portals, and internal marketing. Our specially designed Education solution also delivers a level of personalization that means that the learning itself can be tailored to individuals through Coredna.


Collaboration is at the heart of the Intranet solution, advanced applications promote sharing of information, centralized communications and decision making. Specific tools deliver support services, social engagement, and content sharing.  


Not-for-profits, franchises, directories, and businesses with multiple retailers all rely on multi-directional communications with internal and external stakeholders. Our Community solution pairs a sophisticated member management system with a first-class website, marketing, and events portal to provide a true all-in-one package.

Multi-Site Management

Manage multiple websites, international websites or franchise websites for your business all from one login. Maintain security and authoring control while keeping a consistent look and feel to manage your brand standards.



With Coredna’s franchise/retail application, you can create satellite websites for each of your locations with location-specific content and regional team control. Display location specific content from any application and manage it from one login. Use Coredna’s workflow capabilities to configure new location pages with location-based content with ease.

Multi-site management

Never have to log in to multiple admins again. Manage multiple websites for your business or multiple client websites from a single login. Manage website access with Coredna’s workflow capabilities and admin access settings. See which websites you have access to and select which site to edit from a drop-down. Share or copy content easily from one site to another.

Development and Content Management

Parallel development and object-based content management supercharge your website development.


Object-based content management

Coredna builds websites with the concept of content blocks. With content blocks, you can display any content, from any application, on any page. This makes managing this content easy. No need to copy the content on multiple pages. Just update content in one application, and choose where it displays.


Coredna has separated the backend from the front-end HTML and CSS layer, making development a breeze. With no limitations from the back-end, the design possibilities are endless.

Deployment/Parallel development

With Coredna, configure and deploy a new site in minutes. Deployment of a new site is as easy as pressing a button. You can be up and running in a matter of minutes, ready to develop your custom front-end experience. Because of this rapid deployment, admins can be entering content into Coredna DXP as soon as your new site is deployed, removing the content bottleneck. Because of the separation of the front-end and back-end layer, admins can be adding and changing content daily while you continue development.


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Personalize every customer's experience by segmenting any content in any application.

Personalization of content and content targeting used to just be in the realm of marketing, but no more. With Coredna’s personalization engine, deliver a customized website experience for any user by segmenting any content in any Coredna application.