From hundreds to millions of pageviews, with exceptional performance

Website hosting is traditionally offered in a range of architectures based on your site’s size and traffic. If your site “hits it big” with a viral video and the pageviews spiked, it would take an engineer to resize your server and overhaul infrastructure.

Scaling with Coredna is truly an automated experience. All Coredna sites are built on the same enterprise hosting platform with everything a high-performance site needs to scale, including load balancers, high performing databases and advanced caching.


Service, delivery, and performance

Coredna DXP is delivered over our own server farm provided by our trusted partners at Rackspace. With our own servers, we are able to customize and add additional technology to be able to meet the requirements of the most demanding sites in both availability and performance. We are able to scale horizontally very rapidly, meaning no downtime or slowdowns.

Coredna websites are delivered by local servers depending on your geographical location. We have servers in the United States, Australia, and the UK. With your website being deployed locally, it translates into the highest performing, fastest, industry leading websites.