Easy share

Connect your social media profiles and use Core dna's social sharing application to share your content to the world. When you create new blog posts, news articles, podcasts, webinars, ect..

You may quickly and simply publish your material on multiple social media networks with just a few clicks by linking your social media accounts to Core dna's social sharing application.

You must first connect your social media accounts to Core dna in order to begin. Most applications include a settings or preferences area where this may be done. After linking your accounts, you may choose which channels you wish to post to anytime you publish new material.

Using Core dna's social sharing tool, you can publish fresh blog posts, news articles, podcasts, webinars, and other types of material to all of your connected social networks. By doing this, you may successfully advertise your material to a larger audience.

Managing your social media presence and making sure that your material is seen by as many people as possible can be done easily by using Core dna's social sharing tool. By enabling you to post to numerous channels at once, it saves you time and aids in expanding the visibility and audience of your work.

All things considered, linking your social media accounts and utilising Core dna's social sharing function is a useful tool for marketing your content and developing your online presence. It saves you time and effort by enabling you to quickly share your material with a large audience.

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