Parallel Development

Build and deploy websites without the content bottleneck

In traditional on-premise solutions, projects take months to develop and deploy. With Coredna, you remove the need for IT involvement and back end environment configuration. This rapid development allows for your initial development site to be deployed in minutes, ready to be customized to your businesses branding, look and feel.

Because Coredna is a true multi-tenant SaaS platform, all applications are completely production-ready as soon as your new development site is deployed. Administrators can be in Coredna DXP entering content from day one, while front-end developers bring to life your end user experience around your content. Watch, edit, and change site copy, images and assets in parallel with development, removing the content bottleneck.

Never overhaul or transfer your database again

Every site on Coredna - from developer sandbox to enterprise level - gets a center referred database. With a center referred database, your site’s content will always be the same across your development, staging or live site. It also means that when you're ready to freshen up the look and feel of your site, the process is easy. We simply deploy a new site instance that refers back to your current site’s database, and instantly…..whala, your new site is up and running, ready to be styled with your live content, saving you time, money and a lot of headaches.


Coredna DXP allows developers to build world-class digital experiences rapidly, using easy-to-configure templates and powerful, flexible block functions. The easy-to-read smarty templates are all in HTML, ready for any front-end developer to customize with CSS.

Because Coredna DXP is a true SaaS solution, there is no time-consuming set-up, complex environment configuration, or messy software install. Developers can use their preferred Integrated Development Environment, refer to the center database for the site they are working on, and start development. Coredna allows developers to be more productive and focus on value-added customer experience.

Scale your website functionality

Find yourself in need of a blog? Want to add eCommerce to your website? Coredna’s SaaS-based architecture allows an infinite number of projects to be rapidly implemented and deployed independently and in parallel, allowing large organizations ultimate flexibility and speed. As your business grows, rapidly change or scale your website's functionality to keep up with your digital needs without interrupting your live site.