Object-Based Content Management

Any content, from any application, on any page

Breaking the mold of traditional page-based content management, Coredna DXP instead views content as objects or blocks. With content blocks, any content from any Coredna application can be displayed anywhere on your site. This allows for easy content management and increased productivity. Update your content in one application, and it updates everywhere the content displays on your site - no need to copy and paste or update content on multiple pages.

An object-based approach

Instead of thinking about content and data separately, Coredna thinks about content as data. Everything that makes up your website, whether visible or not, comes from data templates, or what we call block functions. A block function is a collection of content, methods, and rules for interacting with that content, which defines how it is stored and presented. These content blocks act as a class that can be added at the HTML layer and defines the data and its structure. The presentation of the data and the data itself is separate and rules can be set up per field to describe where the data comes from and how the content will be validated.

Content blocks can be easily shared between page templates, and can inherit parent page template behaviors or override them. This means that content can be displayed at the parent and child page level, and additional content can be added or overwritten, giving a powerful modular approach to displaying information.

Objects in Practice

With Coredna DXP’s content object-based approach, admins are freed from creating repeat content items so they can focus on value-based content creation. From a presentation standpoint, you define what content to display on a page template, and front-end developers style it. With parallel development, admins can be entering this content from day one. Find you want to move or add your content to another page? No problem. Simply add the block function to the HTML template. In this way Coredna is truly agile and iterative. Coredna’s block functions make scaling any site an easy project and promotes efficiency, both for development, and for business users to maintain the data.