Low Code

Rapidly build and deploy websites and applications - with no low level coding

With the demand from businesses for custom websites and applications at an all-time high, it is clear that the days of heavy coding and back-end development are numbered. Businesses need to be increasingly agile and ‘speed to market’ is everything. Core dna is a low code development platform, enabling rapid application delivery with minimal hand-coding, no back-end coding, and quick setup and deployment.


Easy development tools

The Coredna platform is built on the concept of object-based content management. We have developed a number of objects which you can place anywhere on your site. If you want to display the top three most recent news articles from the news module on your homepage, it’s easy. Just copy and paste the “latest news” object into your homepage HTML and voila… there’s your top three most recent news articles. As if copying and pasting aren't easy enough, Coredna has developed a template building tool called Skema, allowing you to define column sizes and simply select objects to display in the columns. Apply your custom CSS to these functions and your custom website is ready to be published.


With over 80 prebuilt applications, website templates, and business solutions, building websites become incredibly easy and scalable. All Coredna modules are integrated and managed by us so you are aren’t “starting from scratch” every time you build a new website. It’s as simple as configuring the applications necessary for your website and adding them like building blocks.

Full application lifecycle management

Coredna’s Digital Experience Platform provides a single environment that supports the entire application delivery cycle. Coredna manages design, building, deployment, management, and iteration of every application.

What is the value of low code?

The inherent value of low code development platforms like Coredna is that they bring IT and business together, allowing for more rapid, iterative and collaborative development - or what we simply call Parallel Development. Applications can be rapidly built, seamlessly deployed and easily changed—all without the need for low-level coding. In addition, low code platforms like Coredna provide an excellent communication mechanism to align business and IT stakeholders, thereby ensuring greater software quality and more successful business outcomes.