Press Kit

The Press Kit Module allows images, documents and videos to be displayed in gallery style format in a dedicated area of your website. The Press Kit Module allows you to create multiple “albums”. These can be zipped and shared, simplifying storage and making it easier for users to send the information to various locations. Integrated with the Secure Member Pages Module, authority settings allow users to view only the areas of the press kit they have been access to.


  • Improve public relations
  • Encourage repeat traffic
  • Strengthen brand identity



Collaboration Projects allows you to undertake projects with members inside and outside your organisation, share files, news, assign tasks and milestones, and provide ongoing reporting of projects.


  • Simple dashboard of projects and their progress
  • Highlights problem areas and can be dealt with quickly
  • Easy way to manage multiple stakeholders inside and outside your organisation
  • Provides timely reporting and ongoing commentary of project progress and activity
  • Empowers everyone who has access to contribute and be part of projects
  • Information can be shared amongst the team


Opinion System

Collect and understand visitor experiences of you website. Track user satisfaction across all the content of your website from one simple module. Allows you to better run you website through understanding what your audience thinks of it. This module in line with your direct marketing campaigns will keep you closer to your audience than ever before.


  • Allows you to track visitors experience
  • Gives visitors ways to provide feedback in relation to your sites content
  • Allows you to then interact with the respondent
  • Provides a snapshot of the relevance of your content


Survey Manager

The Survey module allows visitors to complete an online survey anonymously or using registered details. The system generates a generic report showing a demographic analysis and an aggregate view of all responses. Surveys can be delivered to registered users individually by email, or to groups simultaneously in a newsletter. Advanced polling is also available to create multiple-choice and rated polls.


  • Valuable market research to enhance your customer service offering.
  • Anonymous responses or registered user details.
  • Results provide measurable, quantifiable data.



Newsletters is an application for creating a pre-formatted, full-colour, electronic newsletter containing text, graphics and web links, which can be instantly delivered by email to a dedicated database of recipients. The optional Visitor Registration module will automatically create your online newsletter recipient database. Without this automatic visitor registration, you will need to enter email addresses manually to create the recipient list.


  • An email newsletter template will consistently reflect the image and branding messages of the business and can utilise images, graphs, text, web links and more.
  • Direct your target audience to strategic pages on your website.
  • Run direct marketing campaigns online.
  • Provide specific information to your segmented target market.
  • Target new and existing customers through direct email communication.
  • Information can be segmented and sent to specific groupings.
  • Measure delivery rate.



The Events module enables clients to schedule a preferred booking time through your website. The booking time is sent automatically to a customer service email account where service personnel can determine whether to accept or reject the booking. The customer is notified of the acceptance or rejection via automated email.


  • Ease of scheduling for your clients.
  • Your service team can manage requests from a centralized location.
  • The efficiency of a fully electronic method of communication.
  • Increase operational and staff efficiency.
  • The system can be integrated into a payment engine.



The Competitions module is a simple way to create and manage online competitions through your website. The module can integrate many forms of competition types and display them in graphically pleasing ways. The module can also capture important user information to be updated and applied to use for direct marketing campaigns.


  • Easy way to run competitions
  • Supports many different competition types
  • Allows prizes to be submitted
  • Captures user information
  • Has a notification system