How to choose the right CMS

The definitive guide to choosing the right CMS platform
to help drive your business growth

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Why choosing the right CMS is crucial

Your CMS is the chassis of your content marketing campaign. It doesn’t matter how great your content is, if your CMS can’t display and manage it right, it won’t have nearly half the impact it deserves.

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Who should decide the CMS choice?

Before you can even consider different CMS features, you need to figure out who decides what CMS to use.

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SaaS vs. hosted vs. on-premise CMS platform

One of the most important decisions you’ll have to make upfront is deciding between a SaaS, hosted or an on-premise solution.

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SaaS CMS platform pros & cons

SaaS solutions are a paradigm shift from the normal website CMS platforms, like in the CRM industry where Salesforce disrupted the traditional CRM vendors, SaaS is starting to become more prevalent.

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On-premise CMS platform pros & cons

Despite the enormous popularity of SaaS solutions, on-premise software still commands an enormous share of the CMS pie.

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Hosted CMS platform pros & cons

Hosted solutions work pretty much like on-premise solutions. The only difference is that they are hosted on third-party servers.

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Things to consider when choosing a CMS platform

When you break it down, every CMS choice essentially boils down to eight things.

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Mistakes to avoid when choosing a CMS platform

You might do all your homework and still end up making a mistake when choosing your CMS.

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