How Personalization Works

Deliver personalized experiences

Improve customer experiences with delivering content specific to that customer's interests. Personalization drives improved conversion, which means increased business results. With Coredna’s personalization engine, you can segment content from any application in Coredna’s DXP to deliver targeted messages, content and offers.


How personalization works

Coredna allows for segmentation of any content across any Coredna application. How is this possible? Coredna DXP was built on the concept of personalization. The entire DXP platform and every application have the personalization engine integrated. Coredna allows you to target any content to specific users or user groups from any application. Using personalization, Coredna can also create application access for content admins. If you want to have multiple bloggers on your site, but not allow them to edit pages, site administrators can restrict access to the blogs module for that user.


Benefits of personalization

There are many ways you can use personalization to create amazing digital experiences for your customers. Using Coredna personalization you can:

  • Show specific content only to new or returning visitors
  • Change your website look and feel based by the user.
  • Let users self-select the content they see using interest groups.
  • Add or remove content or block functions based on use or user group.