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There is no setup or onboarding fee to use Core dna. We provide all the training material to learn how to use the platform. If your team requires technical training to use the templating and API environment we have partners who can conduct this training.

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The pricing for your subscription is all-inclusive. Your fixed monthly payment covers all the software, the patches and updates to the software. It also covers future releases and upgrades to functionality. Finally, it covers all the cloud infrastructure including network traffic, servers,... [Read more]

There is no upfront licensing or setup charges. Core dna is a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) platform, meaning our pricing is included in a monthly subscription fee, this includes all the updates and new features we release each with and with none of the headaches of hosting or maintaining the... [Read more]

A server request is a call to one of the Core dna application servers. This can include multiple database calls, accessing the content delivery network or the firewalls.  In most cases a single page load or API call can be counted as a server request

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Our pricing varies on the requests you make to our servers. The increments to the requests are detailed on our pricing page. If your site requests increase consistently over your limit we will move you to the next plan.

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Setting up a website is a detailed process, we don't offer a free trial of the product. We do, however, offer access to a sandbox environment so you can see how Core dna works.

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