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The Core dna Partner Program aims to provide an opportunity for partners to expand their website services and easily manage their clients' requirements through our scalable and flexible enterprise level website management platform, designed for even the most demanding websites, intranets, extranets, and microsites.

We strive to develop and foster mutually beneficial relationships; ensuring collaborations reflect the integrity of both Core dna and Partner brands.

The challenge we set ourselves is to help grow our users’ businesses by optimizing the opportunities available to them in the online environment.

Core dna provides partners with sales leads, technical web advice, and online strategy. Wherever possible, we look for opportunities to facilitate partners to expand their business networks.

We have partnerships with image and branding specialists, graphic design companies, marketing experts, online media consultants, IT specialists, copywriters with SEO and SEM expertise and work efficiency consultants. These partnerships are business resources we can draw on to augment the specialized skills of our team.

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