Build, deploy, and modify pages and campaigns
without writing any code

Take back control of the customer experience.

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Total control, without the dev team


Headless content management

With headless content management capabilities, Core dna lets you deliver content to any channel and device through rapid APIs.

Deploy unlimited multi-sites from one dashboard

Our Digital Experience Platform is more than just a CMS, it lets you efficiently manage and scale unlimited web properties from a single location.

Content management made easy

Centralize your content to avoid duplication, to simplify exportation and finally to organize and edit it with ease.

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Speed matters; deploy in weeks, not months


Time to market, slashed

Forget building websites from scratch. Our robust set of 80+ applications help you rapidly develop and deploy sites.

Connect your existing systems

Core dna seamlessly integrates with the application you already use to run your business, from CRMs and ERPs to payment gateways and much, much more.

Scale at will

Our hybrid cloud system combines the best of cloud and dedicated infrastructure, meaning it will automatically scale to meet your demand  no matter how much traffic you're receiving.

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Design personalized customer experiences


From simple to advanced segmentation

Deliver personalized website experiences for any user by segmenting any content in any Core dna application. 

Personalize the entire customer journey

Deliver relevant and personalized messages, content and offers based on parameters you set.

Omnichannel personalization

Personalized websites and apps are cool, but personalized VR experiences and Alexa Skill are even better.

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Mobilize your marketing team

Work better together

Create, share, and collaborate on projects in one environment

Manage brand guidelines, documents, and wikis

Easily publish, organize, and access company information and documents in a one central location

Expert support, forever

Get the support you need from the Core dna team, from marketing thought leadership to technical support.

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