The tools you need to build, deploy, innovate and scale
— all in the same place

Modernize your web presence without ripping or replacing anything.

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Innovate faster


No more building from scratch

Our library of over 80+ integrated microservice applications along with object-based content functions make building templates an easy process with no need for level coding.

The perfect DevOps environment

Deploy and change designs and content with Bitbucket, GIT or any other distributed version control system.

No front-end limitations

Create any design using any front-end technology and build complex web properties with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

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Never replatform again

With over 1500 new features and updates a year, you can build an integrated solution with peace of mind.

Enjoy the seamless updates without any disruption

Coredna is never versioned, so as you grow, Coredna grows with you. The platform is updated and gets better every day without interruption to your service. 

Hands-free management

Coredna removes the need to install patches or plugins, or worry about scaling and securing infrastructure. Our dedicated team handles the back-end technology management.

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Set permissions for greater control


Manage access and workflows

Empower regional groups while maintaining control over corporate data.

Fewer calls for help

Reduce the burden of constant help tickets thanks to content control features and front-end layout control.

Multiple agency resources on a single platform

Have your marketing agency deploy landing pages, while your front-end partner is rolling out new design features.


Managed & unmatched security

Virtually impossible to steal passwords

We keep access to Coredna secured via SSL and hashed and salted-passwords.

Multiple layers of security, to cover various avenues of attack

Our primary defense, Imperva SecureSphere Web Access Firewall, sits in front of our network and inspects all the traffic coming in or out.

No external users

All avenues of access to our infrastructure are IP locked, and can only be accessed by internal users.

Enterprise infrastructure


The Coredna hybrid-cloud config

All of our dedicated gear is replicated in redundant, high-availability configurations so that a failure on these devices will not affect end users

Caching & load balancing

Enterprise-grade F5 load balancers to ensure traffic is distributed between servers in the most efficient manner to ensure optimal response times. 

Smooth scaling

Scale to millions of pageviews without affecting performance. Coredna servers scale horizontally very rapidly, meaning no downtime or slowdowns.

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We would love to show you how Coredna helps I.T. pros first-hand. 

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