The tools you need to build, deploy, innovate and scale
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Modernize your web presence without ripping or replacing anything.

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Innovate faster


No more building from scratch

Our library of over 80+ integrated microservice applications along with object-based content functions make building templates an easy process with no need for level coding.

The perfect DevOps environment

Deploy and change designs and content with Bitbucket, GIT or any other distributed version control system.

No front-end limitations

Create any design using any front-end technology and build complex web properties with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

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Never replatform again

With over 1,500 new features and updates a year, you can build an integrated solution with peace of mind.

Enjoy the seamless updates without any disruption

Core dna is never versioned, so as you grow, Core dna grows with you. The platform is updated and gets better every day without interruption to your service. 

Hands-free management

Core dna removes the need to install patches or plugins, or worry about scaling and securing infrastructure. Our dedicated team handles the back-end technology management.

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The complete system to deliver digital for your stakeholders

SaaS multi-tenant architecture

Enterprise technology platform. Built to scale and grow with your business.

Enterprise hybrid hosting

Best-in-class architecture that frees you up from managing servers and delivers content seamlessly.

Pre-built industry solutions

Ready-to-use applications. Low code, just add your design. With all the updates and new features included.

Industry-standard version control

Advanced change control process with cloud-based development environments, multiple staging, and production environments.

Rapid deployment

Using our pre-built applications to create complex, highly dynamic, and personalized website solutions.

Future-proof your technology

Advanced functionality that is ready-to-use. New features and patches are applied weekly.

Headless architecture

Leverage our platform APIs and decoupled architecture to create applications that deliver your content anywhere.

Integrate with other systems

Use our webhooks feature to connect with other systems and exchange information seamlessly.

Design freedom

Our platform supports all major web user interface frameworks allowing you to create personalized set of reusable UI components.

Set permissions for greater control


Manage access and workflows

Empower regional groups while maintaining control over corporate data.

Fewer calls for help

Reduce the burden of constant help tickets thanks to content control features and front-end layout control.

Multiple agency resources on a single platform

Have your marketing agency deploy landing pages, while your front-end partner is rolling out new design features.


Managed & unmatched security

Virtually impossible to steal passwords

We keep access to Core dna secured via SSL and hashed and salted-passwords.

Multiple layers of security, to cover various avenues of attack

Our primary defense, Imperva SecureSphere Web Access Firewall, sits in front of our network and inspects all the traffic coming in or out.

No external users

All avenues of access to our infrastructure are IP locked, and can only be accessed by internal users.

Our comprehensive analytical usage statistics application allows you to capture information about customers and prospects, providing detailed information regarding how they find, interact with and eventually leave your site, helping you determine whether or not your goals and objectives are being reached.

Core dna is built as a continuously evolving solution, pioneering the new paradigm of design, build, and evolve when it comes to websites. 

We invest heavily in research and development in order to regularly offer new products and upgrades. Our experienced staff have specialized skill sets and continuously provide invaluable knowledge and innovation, which is passed on to all of our users on an ongoing basis.

In addition, a community of over 200 users surrounding the platform constantly contribute to development, ensuring it remains relevant, and each module is designed to assist businesses to achieve their objectives. This targeted innovation comes fully tested and is available to all users of the software

For many organizations the need for a Content Management System (CMS) boils down to two main factors;

  1. Internal pressure: the desire to easily create and manage content in a more efficient manner and an awareness that solutions are available (at a price that is not preventative to using them)
  2. Legislation: As across the globe governments are tackling the accessibility of information and forcing organizations to comply.

However, it is important to recognize that CMS solutions themselves have also evolved to the point where they are now:

  • Genuinely easy to use
  • Easier to deploy with pre-built, modular applications
  • Stable products that are constantly developed by dedicated developers 
  • Less costly (which in turn improves the return (profit) on investment)
  • Standards enforcing - so that the legislative requirements can be met using the tools
  • Strategically significant to an organizations operations.

The "platform of tools" refers to the different product applications available within Core dna. The Core dna platform includes a range of applications that act as "tools" to make your website work for you and your business. These products are segmented into family groupings of transactions, content, connections, and interactions. 

Additionally, the integrated aspect highlights the ability to mix with other applications within the Core dna platform. The applications allow for design innovation and customization not seen in most other popular CMSs.

Core dna software enhances usability in two ways.

Firstly, the user experience is enhanced by allowing access to content and seamless navigation throughout the website.

Second, usability is enhanced for the back end administrator. Functionality and accessibility to content allow the administrator to update and modify the website’s content as often as required and from any computer anywhere in the world through a remote access point.

No, Core dna technology is a web-based, cloud-hosted SaaS application. As long as you have an internet connection, you are able to login to your website from anywhere in the world. This approach allows us to constantly update our technology and have it instantaneously passed on to you. 

Yes, Core dna creates a staged approach to building an effective website. Our technology allows you to create a website that serves your current needs while providing the flexibility to quickly and easily add products as your business grows. 

Core dna is what differentiates an aesthetically appealing website from one also backed by strategy. While to the average user, the full capabilities of the DXP are not visible, its robust backend infrastructure provides your business with an unparalleled advantage. We offer the backend user the ability to effectively manage content, layout, and statistics, whilst increasing ROI, attending to customer requests and ensuring the online strategy is fluid and traceable. 

Core dna is built for flexibility, which allows the engine to be modified and scaled to suit the size and requirements of any site. This makes it ideal for rolling out a range of microsites for your business.

Experience, Capability, and Technology are what separate Core dna from the rest.


The Core dna platform is the product of over a decade of experience in web solutions. Capitalize on our expertise across a variety of industries and leverage our reputation for excellence in web solutions by offering your users the benefits of a trusted brand. Core dna Partners instill confidence in the solutions they provide through our reliable platform that evolves with the online environment and adapts to their changing needs.


Minimize risk and eliminate redundancy issues by ensuring your brand is well supported, understood and communicated using a robust software platform that will evolve with you and provide you with comprehensive support. Our team of designers and developers are highly qualified and passionate about what they do.


Expand your range of business solutions and enhance your service offering by becoming a member of a program that combines complementary resources, maximizing benefits and optimizing the use of resources. Share the value of technologies developed by partners and save time, money and opportunity costs, safe in the knowledge that our experienced software developers are continuously innovating, providing you with a competitive advantage and allowing you to focus on what you do best. Core dna is flexible and can be adapted and implemented to fit a wide range of use cases.

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