Shrink your TCO with our
enterprise SaaS solution

Empower your marketers, free up your IT team
and slash your costs at the same time.

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Grow your business, not software licensing


Pay-as-you-go basis

Dramatically reduce total cost of ownership. Core dna is subscription-based, which means there are no upfront hardware or software licensing costs.

No lock-in contract

No maintenance fee, no patches fee, and no vendor lock-in. Pay a fixed monthly pricing and you're good to go.

It’s all about consumption

You only pay for what you use, not for wasted hardware, network connections, and technical support staff. Use your budget for higher value activities.

Your own 24x7 infrastructure team
and security team


99.95% server uptime

Our readily-available hosting architecture delivers 99.95% uptime with best-in-business speed and performance. See real-time updates and monitoring in the Core dna admin.

World-class security

Multiple security layers, including multiple layers of firewalls and intrusion detection. With a dedicated team of security professionals monitoring for attacks with intrusion protection system and penetration testing.

Sitewide HTTPS to boost conversions and rankings

All Core dna plans offer HTTPS across your entire site, which means visitors can be sure your site is secure and you're complying with Google's guidelines regarding secured websites.


Core dna gives you all the tools required to get your web properties in line with GDPR legislation.

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Get up and running in weeks, not months


Centralize your team's documents and assets

Easily publish, organize, and access company information and documents in one central location.

Deploy websites in weeks, not months

A robust, ready-to-use set of applications. Which means you don't have to build every website and landing pages from scratch.

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A digital experience platform for life

Headless content management

With Core dna’s headless content management capabilities, your brand is ready to deliver content to any new device or channel.

Seamless updates, without disruption

Core dna is never versioned, but we do release 1,500 new features and updates every year without any associated downtime. 

Hands-free management

Core dna removes the need to install patches or plugins or worry about scaling and securing infrastructure. Our dedicated team handles the back-end technology management.

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