Make The Management of Information Simple

Create & Manage Content Across Your Entire Organization in One Dashboard.

Single source content blocks

Create content once, store it in a single repository, and display that content anywhere. Enables maximum content reuse and eliminates duplicate content.

Bi-directional content management

Edit and manage content once. Automatically update all occurrences of any piece of content across all publications and prevent inaccurate content. No need to edit and manage duplicate records.

Advanced WYSIWYG editor

Advanced WYSIWYG editor provides formatting features including bullet points, tables, and pre-defined CSS styles. You can also insert images and videos, and create links to internal or external content.

Insert and resize images

Insert images of all extension types from your local machine or from Coredna's asset manager. Resize, edit, add effects and wrap text around the image.

Images, videos, and widgets

Insert images, videos, or music files. The editor also supports the insertion of online forms, rating buttons, polls, and custom controls created by your developer.

Full-screen editing

Create and edit content for pages, blog entries and news in full screen using your full browser window.

Menus and navigation

Control global navigation by easily creating hierarchy relationships. Control page display, publishing and ordering options.


Preview all changes using the preview function before you update your changes and make them live.