Enterprise Architecture

Performance, scalability, and efficiency

In order to provide a truly engaging and successful digital experience, you must be able to meet the expectations of your customers in having a high performing site. Traditional architectures and shared hosting providers give little protection against downtime because they still require manual server configuration and infrastructure.

Unlike these traditional options, Coredna delivers smooth scaling, caching and load balancing to deliver your high performing digital experience. Here’s how it works:


The hybrid cloud

Coredna runs its infrastructure in a Hybrid Cloud configuration. This allows us to leverage the advantages of both cloud computing and dedicated infrastructure, in the areas where each has the greatest benefit. All of our dedicated gear is replicated in redundant, high availability configurations so that a failure of these devices will not affect end users. Using Cisco ASA 5525 firewalls Coredna can secure incoming traffic. The final piece of networking equipment traffic passes through is a pair of Imperva SecureSphere Web Access Firewalls. These inspect traffic as it comes in and filter out any attempted attacks or malicious traffic

Caching and load balancing

The Coredna Hybrid Cloud uses enterprise-grade F5 load balancers to ensure that traffic is distributed between servers in the most efficient manner to ensure optimal response times. The Hybrid Cloud has multiple layers of caching within the system to maximise performance and capacity, including using Varnish Web Accelerator on the Application servers to cache requests to the web server, Memcached to cache data retrieved from the databases and Cloudfront CDN to act as a regional cache for static files.

The Coredna engine and scaling

All of these pieces of infrastructure make up Coredna’s Enterprise infrastructure or the Cor dna engine. We have custom tuned all of our applications and blocks to manage a huge number of different attacking techniques, including SQL injection, Cross Site Scripting and a wide variety of HTTP exploits. We have dedicated Database servers which are replicated so that if one experiences problems the other can take over seamlessly. These are run dedicated rather than cloud as Cloud often has performance issues around disk usage, and this is important for a database server to run properly.

We run a custom tuned database configuration which has been put together by a team of DBAs in order to maximise performance and reliability while using our data structures. We have our application servers in the cloud so that they have the maximum flexibility. We are able to dynamically adjust both the size and quantity of the servers running at any given time. This protects your website against traffic spikes as when traffic ramps up more servers are automatically created to handle it.