eCommerce Website Design Best Practices

A 36-point checklist to create the best eCommerce site

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Before we delve into the essential requirements for inner-sections of an eCommerce website, let’s look into the fundamentals of an eCommerce site as a whole.

Your home is usually the first page your customers see. And many successful eCommerce brands see their homepage as the first step of a customer journey. Do not make your home page a product listing page, use it to create an appeal.

Customers usually get to a product listing/catalog page through the search bar or by selecting a category on the navigation menu. The product page should never include all the products, otherwise, it will be too overwhelming. 

The product page is where you win or lose the customer. It’s what they shopper sees after they select a product from your catalog page.

Once the customer has chosen the products that they want to buy, they will review the items in their basket.

Once customers are happy with the items in their basket, the customer will then want to purchase them. That’s where your checkout page comes in.