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Create + Conquer

Founded in 2010, Create + Conquer is a growing full-service digital agency, focusing focus on internal collaboration, innovative solutions, and client satisfaction. We Create and You Conquer, with custom-tailored solutions to increase your business.




●    Initial and ongoing strategy and collaboration
●    User Experience research, exploration, and implementation
●    Brand Exploration and Definition
●    Marketing (real-world campaigns, print ads, PPC campaigns, etc.)
●    Inbound Marketing - by helping your users and providing useful content and interactions, we elevate your brand organically in the eyes of your audience, ultimately providing the same, if not better, results at a fraction of the cost
●    Visual Design (graphic design, infographics, brand elements, marketing campaigns, etc.)
●    Copywriting and copyediting, to humanize your brand while maintaining your voice and increasing conversions
●    Videography (live-action, animation, storyboarding, script writing and editing, and voiceovers)
●    Web Development, where we merge your UX, visual designs, and copywriting to optimally engage your audience 
●    Dedicated Project Management on every solution, keeping your projects on-track at a reasonable budget
●    Ongoing retainer support and planning for future growth allow your website to stay fresh within your industry

Partnership with Core dna


Core dna provides Create + Conquer with a new solution for complex, enterprise-level websites. Previously building solely on open-source platforms, Create + Conquer can now offer an alternative, free from the legacy issues that most of today’s platforms encounter, with a complete solution including automatic upgrades, patching, security, and infrastructure. This user-friendly platform will enable Create + Conquer to develop closer, longer-term relationships with their clients.

The Core dna DXP is based on object-based content management, with applications like Pages, Blogs, eCommerce, and Events, all integrated seamlessly into one website with a slick, easy-to-use back-end. Create + Conquer’s clients will benefit from enterprise-level security, speed to market, and single login content management to simplify complex websites.

“The Core dna framework allows for rapid deployment and gives us the ability to customize the platform for the needs of each client. This allows us to take the client on a journey, which teams well with our ‘One Team Approach’ philosophy,” said Michael Austin, a partner at Create + Conquer. “Rather than just building websites with limited scalability, we can continue to improve upon our strategies in a quick and agile manner.”