Our WYSIWYG Page Manager allows changes to be made from any computer, from any location (with internet access).


  • Users can add, delete, modify or move website content.
  • Create unlimited new web pages using style sheets.
  • WSYIWYG Page Manager to format and upload content and digital assets (i.e. images, text, video, downloadable PDFs etc.)
  • Through granular ‘Group’ settings, create true ‘one-on-one’ personalization for secure Internet members, Intranet and Extranet.
  • Multi-layer authorization for content creation and publishing.
  • Limited technical knowledge required to maintain and manage the website. 


News Manager

News offers a user-friendly interface allowing your staff to create, edit and submit news items for website. The system can be configured to require authorization by management before permitting the publication of an item and access authority can be assigned to specific news items to control which individuals or assigned groups can view particular items.


  • Keep key stakeholders up-to-date and informed.
  • Create an internal community around the website.
  • Segment news items based on individuals or groups.
  • Personalize all internal communication.


FAQ’s (Help)

The FAQ’s (Help) Manager provides an interactive source of website information through an intuitive Help menu and FAQ database. The software can be utilized to create questions and answers, which users can navigate by category. The system can be security based to allow different levels of access and personalization for individual users.


  • This module generates market research. By observing your site visitors’ use of Help, you can better understand their needs and improve your service offering.
  • It powerfully augments your search engine listings by supplying the architecture for enhancing the internal link network within your site.
  • Calls to action can be placed on the answers, increasing the chances of prospects contacting you directly.
  • Visitors browsing Help are engaging with your site.
  • Help pages are among the most popular pages on larger scale websites.
  • The FAQ’s (Help) Manager system saves you time. Every customer inquiry answered by the Help Manager increases your operational efficiency by assisting the customer to find the relevant information they require before picking up the phone to ask questions.



The Images module offers full administration in a forum-based function for uploading and displaying galleries of images on your site. The images can be integrated with events and/or campaigns you are running and the system allows users to apply comments or descriptions to each on the individual images.


  • An easy upload facility for site administrators.
  • The ability to apply comments or descriptions to images.
  • Ability to add comments against a picture.
  • Galleries that create the feeling of community.
  • Encourages repeat visitors to site.
  • Update and develop the look and feel of the site.
  • Tree structure allow for easy categories of images.
  • Authority to allow access depending on user profile.



The Document Manager allows you to provide a highly scalable, secure, centralised data storage area for staff, clients and suppliers to reference key documents and files. Document Manager maintains file versioning that preserves document integrity.


  • Increases operational process efficiency.
  • File browsing is simplified with documents easily stored & retrieved.
  • File management allows you to add, remove or edit documents.
  • Version control keeps track of changes made to documents.
  • You can search for documents based on specific criteria i.e. date, name, keywords, etc.
  • Search for files based on category.
  • Move files – Change the category to which a file belongs.
  • Recently added documents – List recently added documents. Change notification – Automatic notification when documents are modified.
  • Secure document ownership – Assign document permissions so that only selected personnel can view and / or edit documents.


Wiki Module

Wiki is an easy way to manage information and multimedia in a collaborative way using appropriate controls and auditing. The Wiki module allows you to create a single or multiple points for information uploading and overriding. Changes can be monitored and workflows approved with the minimum of fuss


  • Provides a simple way to create, disseminate and review information
  • Allows the information to be structured to make it easy to find.
  • Allows for collaboration on information for review and comments
  • Maintains audit of changes in content
  • Has a workflow for approval of information


Blog Module

Blog module allows you to share your specialized expertise with your site visitors and encourage an interactive dialogue with your regular site visitors. This interaction is a key element in creating a community of interest among your online demographic. With your blogs, you can set the agenda within your online community and moderate the content whilst creating the opportunity for your site visitors to engage with your site and your business.


  • Create an online community around your site.
  • Encourage repeat visitors to your site.
  • Help position business as thought leader.
  • Increase site visitors.
  • Ability to comment against posts.
  • Hugely interactive.
  • Blogs are self administered.
  • Each user can create posts that can be grouped.
  • Topics can be set up and shared through multi-blogs.
  • Comments can be entered against the blog and be administered before going live.
  • Authority to allow access depending on user profile.


Banners (Advertising)

The Banner (Advertising) displays banner ads, hero shots, editable content or website alerts that can be controlled by you and your staff. It allows you to rotate content or have content scrolling to provide maximum exposure.


  • Enables fresh and engaging content
  • Provides a platform for suppliers / partners to advertise on
  • Map the experience for the site visitor by sending to specific URL's
  • Use as a promotional tool to enhance traffic to a particular area on the site.



Create micro sites based on your main site from a simple dashboard, without the need for any technical experience. Select the appropriate modules and would to use and you can have your micro site running in just hours. The micro site can have workflow breakdowns to allow you to follow the process from start to end.


  • Simple dashboard allowing you to create and manage a micro site.
  • Simple workflow for the construction of the micro site.
  • Function rich with access to modules for functionality.