A scalable community
management platform

A robust & scalable membership management solution for you and your members.

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The answer to your membership organization’s needs


Simplify your membership administration tasks

Spend less time on admin tasks, such as processing payments and updating Excel files, and more time growing your community.

Offer access to member-only content

Segment members into different groups so you can build engagement by offering them access to VIP content.

Send unlimited email campaigns

And manage contacts in one place.

Keep track and manage your contacts

Get a full 360-degree view of every contact, update membership status’, locate users’ information, and more. 

Send emails to the whole tribe, or to certain segments

Send campaigns to all members or specific members. Schedule automated email message to increase engagement.

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The complete community & membership management solution

Encourage members to share their feedback and collaborate

Develop (and assign) survey and voting access for your members.

Create landing pages for your fundraising and donation campaigns

Create content blocks that can be reused. No need to create landing pages from scratch for every campaign.

Accept payments from payment gateways of your choosing

Choose from a wide selection of payment provides or processors such as PayPal, Stripe, and many more.

Manage and scale your community
with our complete web CMS platform

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