bwired helps companies transform the way they do business online. Founded in 2000, bwired is proud to service over 200 clients in the areas of government, businesses of all sizes and global brands.


Since its inception as a web technology company, bwired have invested on forming a long-term partnership with Coredna. Throughout this time, their investment has been recuperated through regular software upgrades and improvements to the software technology including new features, security updates and hardware patches.

Part of the value in bwired’s service offering lies in their ability to provide a simple and effective content management to their clients through Coredna. Having the tools and control to manage all online content from the one platform is highly sought after by bwired’s clientele.


As bwired provides digital solutions for a list of global brands who receive a high level of web traffic, a digital platform that can withstand traffic is critical.

Coredna runs in the cloud which means that bwired offers their clients a platform that has the ability to scale during peaks of demand. The closed and secure platform also provides extra security from intruders – particularly important when considering eCommerce as an application.

Productivity levels are high due to less programming language requirements of the Coredna modular back-end solution. The Sales and Marketing teams work more efficiently with Coredna’s customer relations tools which allow for easy collaboration and knowledge sharing. This helps support and promote a positive team environment.

bwired takes advantage of applications such as events, newsletter, and blogs to form meaningful relationships and communicate with their market. Managing each activity on the same platform makes it more likely for bwired to realize insights through comparing analytics.