Building an eCommerce site:
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Why many eCommerce sites failed

Every eCommerce web developer is different. Some will focus on design while others will optimize the engine that runs it. Some will focus on SEO, and others will prep for conversion.

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Getting your (internal) ducks in a row

You need to establish critical KPIs, find noteworthy competitors and websites from different industries that you can take inspirations from, determine key deliverables, and identify key stakeholders.

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Should you use an open-source or SaaS eCommerce platform?

In this section, we’ll explain the main differences between the two, and dive into the main pros and cons of each.

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The verdict: Open-source vs SaaS eCommerce solutions

Depending on your company’s needs and circumstances, one may end up being a better choice than the other - at least for the time being.

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Questions to ask an agency when developing an eCommerce site

Now that you’ve all your internal ducks in a row and which platform to choose, all that you need to know now are asking the right questions when vetting digital agencies.

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