Where is Wearable Tech Taking Us?

The future of wearable technology isn’t just about a connected watch. The decreasing cost of technology means that sensors are becoming smaller, cheaper, and are connecting to each other and us. We’ve grown accustomed to living life in tow with our iphone’s so much that other forms of technology are hardly a stretch.

Here are 8 must-know points about the wearable tech hype:

  1. Wearable Technology was born in the 1960’s when Edward Thorp devised the wearable computer for cheating at roulette
  2. The Wearable market is expected to reach $20.6 billion by 2018 (according to ABI research)
  3. The health and fitness industries are tipped to drive sales volumes for wearable tech in the next few years
  4. We may see an incursion of the lesser known ear-based wearables as the blood vessels in the ears allow for more accurate biometric measurements
  5. Every kind of wearable imaginable has been, or will be smart-ified
  6. Google Glass may have come and gone, but it should still be praised as a, speed hump to an inevitable future of wearable tech
  7. We can expect new wearable technology to replace outdated equipment such as barcode scanners and handheld GPS.
  8. By 2019, wearables will spur a tenfold growth in wireless data

The wearable technology arm's race is well underway, with all party's striving to out smart-ifi the other. 

The likes of Google are currently working on nanoparticles to detect cancer cells, whilst Microsoft has developed the Smart Scarf which vibrates to soother people who suffer from disorders such as autism. Company MyBrain has also created the Melomind- a head-worn device that can measure brain waves. Keep up to date with the latest development in the wearable tech world here

There is no knowing where wearable tech will take is in the future. 

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