Uber still has your data

The “#DeleteUber” movement flooding social media after recent events (see here) may be a PR nightmare, but Uber comes out on top. Uber still has your data. Delete the app if you will, but data-driven Uber is left with your information and they will retain it for as long as they see fit.

Uber’s privacy policy spells out that “even after your account is terminated, we will retain your personal information and usage information (including geo-locations, trip history, credit card information and transaction history)”.

Various companies treat their data differently. Uber on the one hand guards it like a jealous child holding it close to its chest. Not letting go. This is unsettling, as Uber’s travel information which is kept longer than required can create both privacy and security problems of its own.

The disparate dataset of the company means that thousands of insights can be drawn from it. If Uber is able to track when and where its customers have been, one could just imagine the wealth that this sort of information would have for government bodies, divorce lawyers, employment investigators and various civil lawsuits.

And just when you thought that this was just the usual Big Data scare, it’s Uber’s God View which is sending shivers down people’s spines. Employees are able to view riders in real time.

Uber’s business and PR tactic’s may be getting it into hot water as of late, but it is its privacy issues that should really be turning heads.  

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