Social Media and Real-Time Collaboration

Real-time collaboration has become a part of our everyday lives, and social media has played a huge part in getting us here.

While it all began as information sharing and social networking (literally), utilising social media is now part of many marketers job descriptions. From participating in forums and blogging; to VoIP and social networking; Skype, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter; have become common terms in the corporate world. And they're boosting our rankings in search engines, increasing quality conversions and building brand credibility.

How? The great thing about sharing on the web is that you share, he shares, she shares, everybody shares and all of a sudden links are popping up everywhere leading back to your website (which in turn your boosts your website's visibility, drives quality traffic, and increases the quality of your conversions). Somewhere along the way, one of these visitors will have had an experience with your organisation; whether it be contact with you via your website, through one of your social networks, or an offline customer experience instigated via the web- and they probably talked about it (I don't know about you but when I have a great customer experience I tend to share (even more so when it's vice versa)). Google isn't the only one who likes a good review- these reviews work not only to boost your website's SEO, but when positive they also work to build brand credibility among the general public (as I mentioned in my last blog- the first place most people go to learn more about an organisation is its website, and if they want more they will search the world wide web for news and reviews).

While these are some of the more notable benefits of being a part of this social media revolution, we can also thank social media for cultivating a "real-time culture". We're now using the same real-time collaboration within organisations to set up internal online communities and online projects, allowing us to undertake projects with members both inside and outside our organisation; share ideas, files, and news; assign tasks and milestones; and provide ongoing reporting of projects. And the result? Enhanced productivity, increased accountability and improved overall organisational efficiency. Internet technology changes every day, bringing with it extraordinary advances in work technology...I love my industry.

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