Pebble V Apple Watch

News: A new smartwatch from Pebble is currently sitting on Kickstarter having reached more than 17 million dollars pledged.

It's not the first time the smartwatch company have embraced the crowdfunding program. Back in 2012 they used it to gain originally gain traction within the market. But the Pebble of 2012 is far from the Pebble of today.

The campaign for the latest Pebble smartwatch model- Pebble Time was launched 14 days ago and broke Kickstarter records in 48 hours alone. Essentially, that is 17 million in pre-order sales without a single item being shipped. It incorporates a colour e-paper display along the lines of an e-book reader than the LCD smartphone screens we have grown accusotomed to.

Unlike Apple Watch (that is set to ship worldwide on April 24), Pebble has a more defined purpose for their product. The Pebble direction is completely new, and their smartest interface for the watch remains as time. 

They have stuck true to the downloadable watch faces and apps, but the central interface has been names Timeline- constantly updated by the notifications pushed to it by apps. The user has the ability to skip ahead 48 hours to see what’s coming up, or so catch-up by looking back 24 hours. The launch of both these products have us expecting plenty of exciting nuggets of wearable tech software from developers in the coming months.

iPhone compatible smart watches walk the fine line of replacing the requirement of a phone altogether. Apple wasn’t prepared to do anything but make their watch just another portal for third party apps.

Where the Apple Watch is backed by the entire Apple Empire, Pebble was first launched three years ago by a couple of guys who jumped the gun with the help of the yCombinator acceleration program- then Kickstarter. Many still claim that their product surpasses Apple’s as the best Smartwatch in the market.

While Pebble is still a leader in the newly sprung industry, they have been joined by tech giants Apple, Sansung, Google’s Android and Motorola.

Knowing this Pebble have taken a step back and in a marketing decision they have tapped into the community again.

"We have so much gratitude for our community and the support they've given us, from the first Pebble Kickstarter campaign to today," said Pebble CEO Eric Migicovsky.

Their current 17 million pledge on Kickstarter means that they have many on their side of the fence. They have marketed their product to the Kickstarter community and will sell their product to the same community. 

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