New User Interface Design

Good design is invisible. 

The new Core dna interface design includes improved functionality and usability. We are pleased to immerse our clients and partners in the new modern look and feel of the DXP. 

Consistent with the updated branding, the result is an increasingly inviting user-friendly experience. The implementation of the new admin eases navigation and create a delightful UX and flow.

Core dna’s new user interface includes four admin dashboards, providing users with real-time key performance data & insights.

Clear Colours and Identifiable Icons

Navigation is directed by colour coding of the four product families- Content, Connections, Interactions and Transactions. All colours are accessible according to WCAG recommendations, so that users can easily recognise the items that matter the most to you.  Our pre-built modules are now referred to as applications and reside within the product families. New iconography has similarly been introduced, with illustrations showcasing each of the product families. We have created this for easy identification, distinction and recognition between the application groupings.

Side Activity Panel

The new Side Activity panel is both responsive and interactive. It provides a feed-like summary and includes detailed information on site errors, security/hack attempts, user activity and system news. It helps users easily keep in check with the latest happenings on their website. 

More Control for Users

The Core dna admin architecture has been improved upon to allow user to easily publish, update and configure their website. The intuitive visual environment allows users to have more control over their website and the ability to provide rich, impactful digital experiences.

As users may only have access to a certain number of applications in the running of their website, the inactive applications are grouped into a secondary “Other Applications” sub-menu with additional “hover” information displayed. 


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